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H. MICHAEL CHITWOOD, president of the firm, has been working in the financial services field since his early teens, when he worked alongside his father. Michael naturally followed in his father's footsteps and took up financial studies at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

After graduating, Michael brought new and progressive ideas for expanding and building the firm. He knew that his personal mission in life was to provide churches, pastors, and nonprofit organizations with skills and abilities that would help them excel in the area of finances.
Michael understands the importance of getting to know the ministries he works with. He takes great interest in each ministry, its employees, and its goals, and he believes it is essential to establish face-to-face contact with his clients. A well-known televangelist once said of Michael, "If you ever meet him, you'll never forget him."

With a positive attitude and logical approach to action, Michael has successfully established himself and the ministries he works with across America. He welcomes change and views it as another new challenge for himself-both personally and professionally. This quality makes Michael a tremendous asset to his clients, as changes in procedures and the legal system often cause confusion for ministries. Because he always works toward achieving success for his clients, Michael is able to provide ministries the tools and information they need to overcome any problems they face in the financial realm.

No man is a greater friend or ally of the Church than MICHAEL CHITWOOD. He understands preachers and knows how they think. He cares about each ministry he works with and prays about their needs. With a passion for success and a heart for people, Michael can and will save the Church from financial self-destruction. Let MICHAEL CHITWOOD represent your ministry in all your financial and record-keeping matters, and watch as success follows in his footsteps.



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